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The Services section is used for listing the services you offer. You can edit or remove this example, and you can add any service you want. We d…

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Our expertise in building and installing systems using industry-leading equipment means that we can maximize the efficiency and performance of our so…

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With the ability to service and maintain a full range of renewable energy installations, we can extend the health of power systems to ensure continuous, long-lasting and trouble-free operation.


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Product highlights

  • Max power: 275W
  • Max voltage: 31.36V
  • Max current: 8.77A
  • Size: 170x100x4cm, 17.9kg
  • Batt voltage: 24V
  • Output: 2000W / 2000VA Max solar inpu…
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  • 1x MECER  Inverter with UPS 5kW 48V
  • 1x Battery Fuse Disconnector 125A Fuses
  • 1x Pair of Battery Cables 35mm2- 1m
  • 6x Battery Lugs
  • 1x Pylon US3000 3,5k…

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  • 2 x 5Kw Inkwekwezi hybrid inverters
  • 2 x 4.8kwh Lithium Batteries
  • 12 x 330w Solar Panels
  • Roof mounts
  • Aluminium Rails
  • Mid and End Clamps
  • PV Cable 20m Red 4mm…

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– Nominal Voltage(V) 48

– Work Voltage Range(V) 42~54

– Nominal Capacity(Ah) 75

– Nominal Energy(kWh) 3.6

– Nominal Power(kW) 1.08

– Max Pow…

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Rct-axpert king vm3 5kva inverter is an off-grid inverter with a built-in 5000w mppt picture

The RCT-Axpert King VM3 5KVA Inverter is an off-grid inverter with a built-in 5000W MPPT solar charger with 500V DC max open PV voltage. 

  • Eq…
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Growatt SPF3000TL-48V Solar Inverter

The Growatt SPF 3000-5000TL HVM series, ideal for Off-Grid Solar, or Grid Connected applications with full system…

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Bank transfer / deposit

Please kindly make payment to directly into our bank account within 24 hours of placing your order, Order Number as reference.

Smart Conn projects (…

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Solar system Installations

I am one of the happiest client with they solar installation. My electricity bill was reduced with 70% 


We offer custom-made solutions for your unique energy requirements and budget using solar electric technology to maximise the efficiency and performance of your renewable energy system.

AS SMART CONN PROJECTS  we Install ,Repair and maintain solar electric systems, and our high-end service ensu…

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